The first CyberSpace Film Festival (CSFF) will be held on Sunday, 11th November, 2018.
Any unpublished works waiting to get dug out? We want to see your film and motion picture creations!
Applications are accepted from June 1st to July 31st, 2018.

■Cyber Space Film Festival

Organizer, representative, CyberSpace Film Festival's exclusive singer.
(Singer-songwriter, director, Directors Guild of Japan member)

Chairman of judges
Meet the Parako
(Scriptwriter, voice actor, web writer)

(Film critique for Cafe Mirage)

Shinsuke Matsuda
(Actor, translator)

Judge for special award
Eikou Takeuchi
(Film director, representative of Takeuchi Film-Makers, Directors Guild of Japan member)

 Theater programming

<< How to apply >>
 *** Be sure to read before applying. ***

■ Awards for the first CyberSpace Film Festival
  1) Best Actor Award*
  2) Best Actress Award*
  3) Special Award*
  4) Grand Prix**
   *Digital certificate awards (jpeg file) will be sent to the winners via email.
   **A trophy depicting the mascot of CSFF will be sent to the winner.

  Each work will be reviewed by 3 members of the CSFF Committee.

■ How to apply
  ・Country or year of production: No restrictions
  ・Maximum duration of film: 3 min 33 seconds.
  ・Motion pictures may be submitted as well. Maximum duration will be the same as films: 3 min 33 seconds.
   (Motion pictures will only earn digital certificate awards and no trophies)
   Animation, stop motion animation, documentary, scenery, play
  ・Virtual Reality works are not applicable for entry in both genres, films and motion pictures.
  ・Applications are accepted from June 1st, 2018 to July 31st, 2018.
  ・Costs for entering the competition are free of charge.
   ※Works containing excess violence or any other elements having negative impact on young persons will be
     disqualified and excluded from the selection process.
   ※Due to the nature of webcasting, the risks of data theft will remain as present in other major web services.
     In any case that your work experiences illegal download from our website and gets uploaded to other websites,
     the creator and copyright owner of the works themselves are responsible for reporting the incident to the
     CyberSpace Film Festival will be facilitated for participants who fully agree to showings and advertisements
     conducted online and will be held for the purpose of entertaining those audiences who choose to enjoy films
     without making a visit to the cinema. For this purpose, we kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding.

  ・How to submit
   Send the following 4 items via email:
   1) PDF file of the application form with your handwritten signature.
   2) A still image from your work with title included.(500×500px, 350dpi, JPEG or PNG format.)
   3) URL link and login credentials that only the judges can use to access your works of films or motion pictures
     (i.e. direct link to the website of your uploaded work)
   4) List of scripts or dialogues of the starring characters (text format)

   The picture must be formatted to sizes 1280 * 720 with width and height ratio of 16:9 in mp4/H.264 format.
   Works that are originally of lesser size should be scaled up and adjusted to the designated size.

   We will contact applicants who have passed the screening during the beginning of August 2018.
   By the end of August 2018, data files of works must be uploaded to an online storage (e.g. Giga File) encrypted
    with a password where we may access to download.
   ※ In addition, be sure to include English subtitles in the film.

■Please read first
  ・After the film festival, all submitted films will be deleted from our website.
  ・Due to the fact that this event is run on non-profit efforts, we may have limitations to providing fine-grained
    service. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
  ・Applicants who fall under the following may be excluded from the competition:
    (1) those who are not in reach of contact,
    (2) those who have not submitted the application form, still image extracted from your film or signed contract,
    (3) those who have not submitted their work in the designated format,
    (4) those whose application forms have missing information and
    (5) those whose work exceed the designated length of 3 minutes 33 seconds.
  ・For the invited works sector, there may be different limitations whereby conditions such as length of film may not
   be questioned.
    (This sector is only for invited films and not subject to review for selection)
  ・No support for equipment or web operation will be provided.
  ・Issues such as distorted pictures or pictures not playing due to lack of machine spec cannot be resolved.
  ・Please understand that network restrictions within individual home environments may cause the film to halt while
    it is being viewed.

■Any queries or comments regarding this event, please contact the following.

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  Application Guideline.

  CSFF Application form.


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